Aurora 2019

Summer Food Shortages Are a Real Problem!

Imagine how difficult it would be to tell a mother of three that you can only give them enough food for one or one and a half days because the food supply has dried up.

When school is out and families are busy, food donations drop to their lowest level. For the families in Aurora, summers are the worst time of the year.

How Can You Help

It's easy to participate in the Fill a Bag, Feed a Family program. On April 13th, join hundreds of volunteers as they drop empty food bags off at local homes. And then on the morning of April 20th join the fun as 300 people either pick-up the food from local homes OR they help inspect and sort the food at the local food storage area. This program can only work when people like you donate just 2 hours on either the bag delivery day or food pick-up day.

We need you to volunteer to help deliver or retrieve the bags, or help sort and store the food.